The ECREA section of Organizational and Strategic Communication has been created in 2006 with the aim of promoting an active and critical dialogue among scholars involved in the study of strategic communication. Scholars from Europe and elsewhere are called to debate on the fundamentals of organizational and strategic communication and to propose new research topics and input concepts relevant to the interdisciplinary growth of these disciplines.

The ECREA Section for Organizational and Strategic Communication considers the following objectives to be reached through the relevant work of its members and invited participants:

  1. Developing interdisciplinary research methodology at both scientific and institutional levels
  2. Improving the international exchange of academics and researchers
  3. Improving the European dissemination of research, information and data, and facilitating the access to relevant information (reviews of articles, call for papers, lists of thesis, references etc.)
  4. Assisting doctoral and master degree students in their research as well as in their further integration in professional life and organizational climate
  5. Allowing for more interaction and professional dialogue between academics and professionals of communication.


Founders and former members of the management team:

Adela Rogojinaru (University of Bucarest, Romania) 

Arlette Bouzon (Toulouse III Paul Sabatier, France)

Lars Thøger Christensen (University of Southern Denmark, Denmark)

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