Organisational and Strategic Communication Research: European Perspectives

Organizer(s): Gisela Gonçalves, Ian Somerville, Ana Melo (ed.)

Publishing house: LabCom, Covilhã.
Year: 2013
ISBN: 978-989-654-115-6


The diversity represented in this book, not only in respect to author nationality, but also in theoretical and empirical approaches, reflects one of the most salient features of the European Communication Research and Education Association: Organisational and Strategic Communication Section’s identity. The spectrum of themes analysed in this collection – crisis communication, government communication, organisational communication and social media, corporate social responsibility, health media relations – demonstrates the range and vitality of organisational and strategic communication research in Europe.



Introduction 1


Narcissist markets and public relations. Reflections on the post-recession role of PR - Adela Rogojinaru


Theoretical approaches in organizational and strategic communication: A review of the French academic literature - Arlette Bouzon


Employee communicative actions and companies’ internal communication strategies to mitigate the negative effects of crises - Alessandra Mazzei and Silvia Ravazzani


Developing the resilience typology: Communication and resilience in organisational crisis - Daniel Morten Simonsen


Feedback nightmare: Organisational communication reactions to digital critic exposure. A view on some Portuguese cases (2011-2012) - Ana Duarte Melo and Helena Sousa


Organizational communication and social media – Challenges for strategizing in business and political communication - Natascha Zowislo-Grünewald and Franz Beitzinger


Identification of influence within the social media - W.B.Vollenbroek, S.A. de Vries and E. Constantinides


The (in) communicability of corporate social responsibility – a Portuguese insight – Gisela Gonçalves


Government communication in a post-conflict society: Contest and negotiation in Northern Ireland’s consociational democratic experiment - Charis Rice, Ian Somerville and John Wilson


Crisis communication under terrorist threat: A case study of the counterterrorist operation in Chechnya - Elena Gryzunova 


Media relations in health communication: The sources of information in cancer newspaper articles in Portugal - Teresa Ruão, Sandra Marinho, Felisbela Lopes and Luciana Fernandes