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Organisational and Strategic Communication Research: European Perspectives
Past events
From Nov 02 until Dec 30, 2014

The diversity represented in this book, not only in respect to author nationality, but also in theoretical and empirical approaches, reflects one of the most salient features of the European Communication Research and Education Association: Organisational and Strategic Communication Section’s identity. The spectrum of themes analysed in this collection – crisis communication, government communication, organisational communication and social media, corporate social responsibility, health media relations – demonstrates the range and vitality of organisational and strategic communication research in Europe.

5th ECREA Conference, Lisbon, 12-15 November, 2014
Past events
Em Monday, Dec 01, 2014

The OSC Section received 90 abstracts and after the peer review process 47 papers were selected for the conference. These were organized into two special panels on “Government Public Relations in Europe: Critical Perspectives” and “Inconsistences and Organizational Communication” and into eight parallel sessions. The section also hosted a Poster Session with seven posters submitted. The general theme of the conference was: "Communication for Empowerement: citizens, markets, innovations".