The ECREA OSC Section has been created with the aim of promoting an active and critical dialogue among scholars involved in the study of organizational communication.

Here all interested members will be able to find information about ECREA OSC Section objectives, activities, and how to get involved.

New collective book
Call for papers
Em Oct 25 25

We are very proud to announce the publishing of the ECREA OSC Book "Strategic Communication for Non-Profit Organisations: Challenges and Alternative Approaches" (edited by E. Oliveira, Ana Duarte Melo & Gisela Gonçalves)
Vernon Press (2016)  http://vernonpress.com/title?id=223 

Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/Strategic-Communication-Non-Profit-Organisations-Alternative/dp/1622731948 

Sample chapter: https://vernonpress.com/files/1475655362.pdf